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Skara Brae 1999/2017 Coopers Choice. 17 år Single Orkney Malt Whisky 51%

kr. 975,00

Ophavsland: Skotland

Destilleri: Scapa eller Highland Park

Region: Øerne

Type: Single Malt, Single Cask

Alder:17 år

Alc. Styrke: 51%

Cask: cask ref. 46 Bourbon Cask, kun 354 flasker
Aftapper: The Coopers Choice

Størrelse: 70 cl.

Note: Sold under the name of Secret Orkney and is presumed to be a scapa fired during the dormant phase when the distillery was only cheered twice a year by Highland Park employees.
Nose: When you open the bottle, a hint of smoke comes out. Then it goes away quickly and the whisky becomes very spicy, heather and seaweed. Iodine and salt water, paired with citrus aromas. The nose is already clearly a Scapa.
Palate: Now, first, a burning bonfire on the beach draws on the palate, it remains herbaceously-fresh with clear citrus notes and a large wave of seawater. Light sweetness of heather honey paired with oak planks of the sunken ships ….
Finish: Medium and again a hint of smoke, bitter lemon zest and strong espresso to the end, salty!
Conclusion: Wonderful fresh whisky, which one notes the 17 years, but still wild and impetuous. Anyone who likes salty and tart whiskys is thrilled (me!). This is clearly a Scapa that was probably stored in a refilled Highland Park barrel, the smoke is too tender for it to have come over the mash. Overall, I like the 14-year-old GM from a first-filled ex-bourbon better, but this also meets my taste.

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