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Glen Moray 2007, 3006 Whisky, sample

DKK 30,00

Ophavsland: Skotland.

Destilleri:Glen Moray.

Region: speyside.

Type: Single cask.

Alder: 9 år.

Alc. Styrke: 61,2%

Cask: Bourboncask nr. 5711 (kun 225 flasker)

Aftapper: 3006 Whisky.

Størrelse: 3 cl.


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Nose: Fruity from the get-go, with an apple cider like aroma popping up from the glass, accompanied by white grapes. There’s also a fair amount of vanilla sweetness, as well as some cotton candy, cookie dough and icing. Finally a very light mineral touch with a whiff of burlap. Water brings out more of an orange-y aroma.

Taste: Nice thick mouthfeel. A spicy (white pepper, nutmeg) and nutty (roasted peanuts) arrival. A whisper a ginger too. A tad aggressive at first, probably in part due to the high alcohol percentage. Adding water and waiting a little while remedies that, making way for soft citrus fruits and some hops, bringing a bit more balance to it all.

Finish: Returning to the fruity and sweet signature I already experienced on the nose, although a little less explicit here.