A Peated teespooned, Blended Islay Malt
  Ophavsland: Skotland Destilleri: Teespooned Laphroaig Region: Islay Type: Blended Malt Alder: 9 år Alc. Styrke: 58,5% Cask: Barrel #883/2011 (kun 38 flasker) Aftapper: Skt. Klemens Malt Størrelse: 70 cl. Non Chill Filtered, Natural Colour Especially bottled for Denmark Sample: Klik her  
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Adelphi Caol Ila 2008 12 år Single Malt Scotch Whisky, 54,3% (Cask #309454)
Ophavsland: Skotland Region: Islay Type: Single malt, single Cask Alder: 12 år Alkoholstyrke: 54,3% Cask:  Refill Bourbon, Cask No. 309454 . Kun 289 flasker. Aftapper: Adelphi Størrelse: 70cl. Tastingnotes:  Disgorged from a refill bourbon hogshead, this is the colour of white wine and displays a very good bead. This classic Islay nose combines white pepper, smoked pancetta, barnacles, Christmas trees, and Savlon to great effect. On the palate we head dockside with lobster creels, petrol, tar, seaweed, ash, anchovies, mackerel pate on oatcakes. The bright, briney finish is all lemon and seafood. Something fishy is going on here.
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Adelphi, Inchgower 2007 13 År. DENMARK CASK, Single Malt Whisky 56,3%
Adelphi Inchgower 13 års DENMARK CASK Single Malt Whisky 56,3%. Destilleret 2007 og aftappet 2020 Natural Strength, Unchill filtered. Kun 296 flasker aftappet af dette fad. Ophavsland: Skotland Region: Speyside Type: Single malt, single Cask Alder: 13 år Alkoholstyrke: 56,3% Cask: Refill Oloroso sherry butt, no. 801249. Kun 296 flasker. Aftapper: Adelphi Størrelse: 70cl.
Tastingnotes                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Drawn from a refill Oloroso sherry butt this has the colour of copper with a moderate bead. The nose delivered lemon drizzle cake, almost posset, profiteroles, nougat & crème anglaise with ripe and juicy sultanas. On the taste we found macerated red fruit, dark chocolate, becoming oilier (typical of make) almost savory like Bovril and salted fudge.  
DKK 859,00
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Ardbeg Wee Beastie Single Islay Malt Whisky 70 cl 47,4%
Ardbeg Wee Beastie er det seneste udgave i Ardbeg destilleriets portefølje. Med sin unge alder på bare 5 år, er Ardbeg Wee Beasties utroligt røgede karakter komplet utæmmet. Denne unge og livlige skabning har masser af bid med sine 47.4% alkoholstyrke. Med sin unge alder og intense røg, er dette i sandhed en farlig dram. Ardbeg Wee Beastie er modnet på ex. bourbon og Oloroso sherrycasks, Nyd Ardbeg Wee Beastie med et ppm indhold på mellem 50-55. Ophavsland: Skotland Destilleri: Ardbeg Region: Islay Type: Single Malt Alder: 5 år Alc. Styrke: 47,4% Cask: ex. bourbon og Oloroso sherrycasks, Aftapper: Destilleriaftapning Størrelse: 70 cl.
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Ardnamurchan First AD Kit 4x5cl Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky 20cl
Dette sæt indeholder fire prøver, en af ​​hver: Ardnamurchan AD 09.20; Ardnamurchan 2015 Ex-Oloroso Peated Cask; Ardnamurchan 2015 Ex-Bourbon Peated Cask; og, Ardnamurchan 2014 Unpeated Single Barrel Finish - Ex-Champagne Cask. Alle sammen i fuld fadstyrke. Ophavsland: Skotland Region: Highland Type: Single malt, single Casks Alder: 5 og 6 år Alkoholstyrke: 55,8% Cask: Ex-Oloroso Peated Cask, Ex-Bourbon Peated Cask, Unpeated Single Barrel Finish og Unpeated Single Barrel Finish - Ex-Champagne Cask Aftapper: Ardnamurchan Størrelse: 20cl.
DKK 399,00
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Asta Morris Caol Ila 7yo 2012/2020
Ophavsland: Skotland Region: Islay Type: Single Cask Alder: 7 år Alkoholstyrke: 60% Cask: sherrycask Aftapper: Asta Morris Størrelse: 70cl.  
  • Nose
    Peat smoke, bonfire, tar, tobacco, ashes, leather, smoked meat, bonfire. Hints of hessian. Tarry ropes. With time, citrusy notes (lemons, hints of grapefruits). Coastal notes in the background. No trace of sherry so far but a very aromatic nose.
  • Taste
    Strong peat attack. Oily, tarry, ashy and slightly rooty. Salted caramel. Pepper. With a water, more tarry ropes on the nose, hints of iodine and burnt matches. More salted caramel on the palate. Burnt wood. A pinch of salt.
  • Finish
    Long, spicy, smoky.
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Asta Morris Craigellachie 6yo 2013/2020
Ophavsland: Skotland Region: Speyside Type: Single Cask Alder: 6 år Alkoholstyrke: 65,3% Cask: ex-bourbon cask Aftapper: Asta Morris Størrelse: 70cl.  
DKK 495,00
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Asta Morris Girvan 13yo 2006/2020
Ophavsland: Skotland Region: Lowland Type: Single Cask grain whisky Alder: 13 år Alkoholstyrke: 58% Cask: ex-bourbon cask, peated Ardmore cask finish Aftapper: Asta Morris Størrelse: 70cl.   Nose: a fairly normal grain whisky so far. Sweet pears and other estery notes, with hints of bubblegum. Big vanilla custard and sweet corn. Something of pine cone smoke and mulched leafs, which blend in nicely without taking the upper hand. Not the most complex nose, but quite attractive with little or no sharp edges. Mouth: more sweet corn, vanilla and more coconut now. Hints of popcorn and banana sweets. A few spicy notes like pepper and ginger, as well as a heathery note. The peatiness grows stronger towards the end, with some earthy, leafy touches and a light pungency. Finish: good length, on shortbread, spice and a touch of varnish. A slightly crazy idea perhaps but bottled at the right time, resulting in a nicely playful Girvan, certainly upgraded by the balanced peaty notes. This would work as a card player’s whisky, especially at less than € 70.  
DKK 495,00
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Asta Morris Glen Elgin 24yo 1995/2020
Ophavsland: Skotland Region: Speyside Type: Single Cask Alder: 24 år Alkoholstyrke: 49,1% Cask: Ex-Bourbon Aftapper: Asta Morris Størrelse: 70cl.    
DKK 1.249,00
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Asta Morris GlenAllachie 11yo 2008/2020
Ophavsland: Skotland Type: Single Cask Alder: 11 år Alkoholstyrke: 56% Cask: Ex-Bourbon Aftapper: Asta Morris Størrelse: 70cl.    
DKK 775,00
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Asta Morris Rhum Bielle Ambré ‘The Tipsy Turtle’
Produkt: Rhum Agricole Ambré Alder: NAS Styrke: 43% Fad: Foudre and Ex-bourbon casks Ophavsland: Guadeloupe Størrelse: 70 cl. Destilleri: Bielle Aftapper: Asta Morris Frisk og frugtagtig, den er ideel til cocktails eller bare "on the rock".  
DKK 369,00
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Caol Ila 2007, 12yo
Ophavsland: Skotland. Destilleri: Caol Ila. Region: Islay. Type: Single cask. Alder: 12 år. Alc. Styrke: 60,7%. Cask: Bourboncask nr. 322188 (kun 254 flasker) Aftapper: 3006 Whisky. Størrelse: 70 cl. Sample: Klik her  
DKK 825,00
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